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I am not sure if humor is something for my brand

If you can make people smile, they tend to like you better. Humour is a great way to connect with your customers – but it has to be in line with the overall tonality of your brand.

Genertel: Astonishing Stories films

Amazing and unbelievable stories turned it into a commercial.
All are based on true events except those that aren't.

AsiaCenter: DIY prints

Is it possible to get things at a better price than in AsiaCenter?
Maybe, but then you'd have to assemble it yourself.

Cofidis: Sounds logical... films

Sounds logical... films

There is an explanation for everything.

Daedalon print

Summer is coming.

UPC: Everything is visible films

Everything is visible films

What happens if it turns out that you have to appear in an HD broadcast?

UPC: The Troubleshooters prints

The Troubleshooters prints

They are like Superman: if there is a problem with your service, just call them and they will save the day.

MKB: Goodbye film

What happens to the Swiss franc if foreign currency loans are denominated in forints?

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AsiaCenter:Hide and seek prints

Hide and seek prints

Are these big brands just a bit embarrassed and ashamed of the fact that they are available at very reasonable prices in AsiaCenter?

Cofidis: All I can think films

All I can think films

When we have a big plan ahead of us, we often can't think about anything else.