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Is classic advertising really dead?

It is a bit, yes. But it can be still very powerful and effective, if it’s done right.

People might hate advertising in general, but they do love certain ads. Especially the ones that move them, entertain them, touch them. We always try to keep the old French saying in mind: if you come uninvited to someone's house at least bring some champagne with you.

Panangin: Our Heart film

What kind of life does your heart have? It's reciprocating. From the Panangin Forte film we can learn what the heart has to go through in a lifetime.

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Cofidis: Sounds logical... films

Sounds logical... films

There is an explanation for everything.

Bramac: Happy House film

Why do people build houses for themselves? We will find out the answer in Bramac's spot.

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Kalmopyrin: Pain & Cold films

Pain & Cold films

However we catch a cold and wherever the pain shoots us, Kalmopyrin has been with us since generations to soothe the symptoms.

673 children film

The Médiaunió Foundation asked us to help with their campaign this year – as we feel the topic is very acute and important, we were happy to help.

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HohesC Plus prints

Speed metal PLUS grandma PLUS Lithuanian art film

Cofidis: All I can think films

All I can think films

When we have a big plan ahead of us, we often can't think about anything else.

Daedalon print

Summer is coming.

AsiaCenter:Hide and seek prints

Hide and seek prints

Are these big brands just a bit embarrassed and ashamed of the fact that they are available at very reasonable prices in AsiaCenter?

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